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Q3 2019 Cross-Market Demand Report

Increasingly more home shoppers are looking outside of their home metros and states this year, largely driven by affordability concerns  Spokane-Spokane Valley, WA, had the largest relative inflow of home shopping interest this quarter, whereas San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara, CA had the largest relative outflow In metros with the most relative inflow of demand, out-of-metro shoppers
The average student loan borrower owes more than the typical down payment for a home; Millennial debt totals $498 billion New data shows that the total outstanding federal student debt could buy every U.S. house on the market 1.9 times over. With the rising costs of education, students are borrowing more and more money, which
Investment Sales Increased in the Second Quarter Over the past ten quarters, investor home buying growth outperformed total home sales. While total home sales declined by 2.6 percent over the year in the second quarter of 2019, investor home buying grew by 5.4 percent. Despite a prolonged period of declining home inventory, rising prices, and
Affordable midwestern markets continue to dominate the list, however western markets are stabilizing and are poised for a comeback Fort Wayne, IN retained its number one position on the list for the third month in a row The slowdown in the country’s largest and most expensive metros is continuing to decelerate compared to earlier this

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#celebs #realestate Michael Reaves/Getty Images Houston Rockets point guard Russell Westbrook is still shooting for a sale of his Beverly Hills, CA, home. It’s back on the market for a discounted $5.69 million. The NBA All-Star initially listed his trophy home in June for $6 million. The Long Beach, CA, native purchased the home in
#celebs #realestate Michael Reaves/Getty Images Antonio Brown has listed his suburban Pennsylvania home for $2.3 million.  The Pittsburgh Steelers‘ former wide receiver was traded to the Oakland Raiders earlier this year. And he also moved on from his mansion in Gibsonia, PA, an upscale area about 30 minutes north of Heinz Field. The wideout bought the
#celebs #realestate Michael Reaves/Getty Images Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Jones has a new home base. He purchased the newly built abode in Paradise Valley, AZ, in August for $3.9 million. The home was on the market for $4.28 million in March, so the All-Star cut himself a sweet deal. Jones just wrapped up his first
#celebs #realestate Jim Spellman/WireImage; Wikipedia CC Cue the creepy music: Stephen King‘s house in Bangor, ME, is now vacant. After 37 years of living in this small Maine city, the literal King of horror novels is decamping elsewhere. Apparently, he’s been spending more time at his summer home in Center Lovell, ME, a lake region